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Grandparents – A Poem

For 45 years they shared the same table,

Something not many have ever been able.

Steadfast in love and commitment for sure,

Their lives show us all, what it means to endure.

In an era when nothing seems to last forever,

Harold and Rebecaa chose always to stick together.

Their example helped us reach 28 years,

Through much joy, laughter, and a few tears.

Like “paying it forward,” papa gave me goals,

Sacrifice and hard work, and other family jewels.

To love for a lifetime is no easy task,

So, Grandma, to speak my mind I need to ask?

If I may, and please be so kind,

This question has troubled me for quite some time,

Knowing how much you enjoyed being friends and lovers,

Was 45 years enough, to be married to each other?

Jacqlyn CharlesGrandparents – A Poem
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