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WAW Talks With Mayor of Kennesaw

In this week’s installment of the Women Are Worthy Show, esteemed host Jacqlyn Charles has a conversation with the mayor of Kennesaw, Georgia, Derek Easterling. Spending his childhood in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Mayor Easterling worked in the carpentry business and used to build furniture and cabinets. Once graduating from high school, he entered the Navy where he claims he really grew up. The Navy helped Mayor Easterling evolve, gave him new opportunities, and developed his sense of self. He talks about his stint as a teacher and how he manages his time well, balancing his teaching, family, exercise, and all of the other activities packed into his daily schedule.

Mayor Easterling stresses that his goal as not only mayor but a citizen of Kennesaw is to ensure that everyone is successful whether it be as a homeowner, entrepreneur, etc. The city’s job is to guide and aid it’s people on their journeys to achieve their desires as citizens and are there to provide the necessary tools. In order to better service the public, citizens must be involved and engaged in their local governments and inform such governments of their needs.

Inclusivity, new fresh ideas, and creating more businesses are just a few of the many things Mayor Easterling and the city of Kennesaw have to offer it’s people!

JAMWAW Talks With Mayor of Kennesaw
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Be Fibroid Free

Dr. John C Lipman discusses fibroids and treating them on the Women Are Worthy Show with host Jacqlyn Charles. During this informative conversation, Jacqlyn briefly touches on her own journey with fibroids as a Jamaican-American woman. Dr. Lipman talks about fibroids being a major issue in more women of color, specifically African-Americans due to low iron and the body not producing enough blood to replace what has been lost. His most potent advice? No matter what your doctor tells you, you DO NOT have to get a hysterectomy if you have fibroids. Dr. Lipman has a non-surgical outpatient procedure to block blood flow to fibroids in the uterus called uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) or uterine artery embolization (UAE) that takes only 30 – 45 minutes to perform. Diet and exercise also play large roles into fibroids and the pain associated with them; eating foods high in hormones could cause your body to produce excess estrogen, which could aid in the development of fibroids. Stay tuned to learn more!

JAMBe Fibroid Free
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A Talk About Illiteracy

Today on the Women Are Worthy Network, we discuss illiteracy and bouncing back stronger than ever with Tanesha Billingsly. Mrs. Billingsly talks about growing up with dyslexia, how it effected her, and how she was able to overcome it. First working in government but discovering her passion for helping people along the way, Mrs. Billinsgly is now a successful entrepreneur with her own business called Billingsly HR Consulting. Mrs. Billinsgly travels all around the state of Georgia to different churches & small businesses to help them build and improve their human resources department. She also visits high school work study classes to teach students how to dress for success, conduct themselves in a professional work environment, and secure jobs. As for her journey to get where she is today… you’ll have to tune in to find out!

JAMA Talk About Illiteracy
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Tracey Viars running for City Council

Hello Everyone Thank you for tuning into the Women Are Worthy Show with Jacqlyn Charles. Women In Local Government /The Women Are Worthy Show with Jacqlyn Charles Our Mission is to be an advocate for Women and embrace, build character and MOTIVATE the soul/ Women running for Government /The Women Are Worthy Show with Jacqlyn Charles We want to create a community Empowerment movement for Women Women running for Government /The Women Are Worthy Show with Jacqlyn Charles

JAMTracey Viars running for City Council
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CEO of TaylorMade Visions, Nichelle Taylor

Today our host Jacqlyn Charles interviewed special guest CEO of TaylorMade Visions; Nichelle Taylor.

Who are we?
The Women Are Worthy Show was created as a weekly platform to be an advocate for women and young ladies. We Embrace, Build Character, and Motivate the soul!

JAMCEO of TaylorMade Visions, Nichelle Taylor
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Teenage Musician Garrett Wheeler

This blonde haired teenaged singing sensation is packed with talent! His name is Garrett Wheeler, one of the most talented youngsters in all of Georgia and he’s bringing his confident and easy-going nature to the Women Are Worthy Show. See Garrett joining Jacqlyn Charles as they laugh, sing, and discuss his artistic journey, his roots influences, and love of music. Garrett even performs his own original song, “This Road I’m On”, that tells us even though we may not see the endgame, the journey there is what’s important!

JAMTeenage Musician Garrett Wheeler
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