WAW Crush Wednesday

WAW Crush Wednesday Celebrates, Marsai Martin

Welcome back Worthy Villagers! Our #WAWCW might require us to think back at what amazing things we were doing at the young age of 14. Me personally, I was making sure I had the latest phone to talk to my friends about what happened in school the previous day. For this week’s crush, we might have to change our normal hashtag of #WAWCW to #WAWGCW which stands for, Women are Worthy Girl Crush Wednesday.

Marsai Martin is a beautiful 14 year old actress and producer that has the film industry on their toes! Her parents noticed her talent at the very tender age of 5, where she was introduced to Hollywood and the media industry. She took her first gig in a national commercial after being signed by the Kim Dawson Agency and that’s when she realized she wanted more.

Later, Martin moved from Plano, TX to Los Angelos in 2013 so she could be closer to her dreams! Marsai was able to capture and win over America’s hearts with her major role in the award nominated ABC comedy series, Black-ish. She works alongside major actors such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. Her role has helped her “earn her stripes” in the industry and receive awards from the Young Artist Awards and NAACP Image Awards.

Marsai’s latest project is starring and executive producing the 2019 film “Little” with actresses Regina Hall and Issa Rae. This young lady is dominating the film industry by becoming the YOUNGEST PRODUCER IN HOLLYWOOD! Some may say she has the job that most adults would envy but this should motivate the youth (our next generation leaders) to just at least have a dream and/or goal, invest your time and energy because the sky is the limit. Let’s welcome Marsai Martin into our Worthy Village as she continues to make history and keep her head lifted!

Follow Marsai Martin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marsaimartin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marsaimartin/

Jacqlyn CharlesWAW Crush Wednesday Celebrates, Marsai Martin
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WAW Crush Wednesday Celebrates, Angela Bassett!

Happy Wednesday Worthy Villagers! This week will be the launch of our new segment, Women are Worthy Crush Wednesday! Our first #WAWCW is going to the beautiful, talented, fabulous and incomparable Angela Bassett. I had to start off with a bang right?

As a New York native, Bassett is securing a strong fan base from her captivating roles in some of our favorite movies today! Movies such as What’s Love got to Do with It, Malcolm X, The Rosa Parks Story and one of the top five cultured movies in 2018, Black Panther.  She has had the pleasure to be a 4x Emmy nom, 9x BET Award nominee, Golden Globe winner and the list goes on.

Her presence on our television screens are undeniable as an actress but I’m not sure she is getting the well-deserved light shined upon her as an activist. She supports programs for the youth and speaks out on unfortunate occurrences such as the Charleston church shooting.  As a wife, mother, and friend, Angela Bassett is leaving a legacy and using her platform to be a voice! Let’s welcome her into our Worthy Village and keep her head lifted!

Follow Angela Bassett

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImAngelaBassett

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/im.angelabassett/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ImAngelaBassett/

Jacqlyn CharlesWAW Crush Wednesday Celebrates, Angela Bassett!
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