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Author: JAM

In this week’s installment of the Women Are Worthy Show, esteemed host Jacqlyn Charles has a conversation with the mayor of Kennesaw, Georgia, Derek Easterling. Spending his childhood in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Mayor Easterling worked in the carpentry business and used to build furniture and...

Dr. John C Lipman discusses fibroids and treating them on the Women Are Worthy Show with host Jacqlyn Charles. During this informative conversation, Jacqlyn briefly touches on her own journey with fibroids as a Jamaican-American woman. Dr. Lipman talks about fibroids being a major issue...

Today on the Women Are Worthy Network, we discuss illiteracy and bouncing back stronger than ever with Tanesha Billingsly. Mrs. Billingsly talks about growing up with dyslexia, how it effected her, and how she was able to overcome it. First working in government but discovering...